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Sunday, 3 April 2016

ASOS Lovin'

Hey there guys..
I am still totally in love with my baseball/bomber jacket (if you haven't already guessed from my Instagram). This is from ASOS and I just had to share some more pictures with you. I cannot get enough of ASOS at the moment, the denim pinafore and the New Balance trainers are also from there. So I'll add a few more pictures in a sec...

Looking as chuffed as ever!

This particular jacket is an oversized baseball jacket with badges. The rainbow badge is a seperate badge I bought from OhDeer and similar can be purchased here. (as I think the one I got seems to be sold out). This is a really lovely site selling lots of 'quirky' products, so I will definitely be purchasing more. 

So moving onto another bomber jacket I have which was bought a month or so ago now so is no longer on the website (sorry). This one is from H&M and is a khaki fitted cropped jacket with a satin like feel and quilted look to the sleeves. 

There are lots of these about online and in stores. This one from H&M, I had to get a couple of sizes bigger than my ordinary size to get that right fit. I feel this would look better with jeans and dressed up a little, whereas the baseball jacket above is much more casual and oversized, therefore looking best with leggings. I love them both for their different looks. 

 As the weather is getting a tad warmer and I was getting rather warm I thought I would take my jacket off. I paired my denim pinafore with my cold shoulder body, which I thought looked quite cute, and now it is getting a bit warmer, why not get the shoulders out? Haha! It is longed sleeved which is still sensible if the weather is not too good. 

As you can probably see, I cannot stop wearing my bandana either. I just love it! I chose to wear it round my neck and love it so so much, I really want more colours. 

Lets move onto today's footwear... I got these comfy vintage suede grey/cream New Balance a couple of months ago now, and couldn't wear them for ages because it's been a little cold and now that it is Spring, I am starting to wear them more which I'm rather pleased about. These are also from ASOS, (of course hence the title of my post!) :-) I love to wear these with little frilly ankle socks which I got from Primark. Also, a cute little anklet looks great with these too. (They also come with cream laces too for a chance for a mix up and a change!)

That's it for today guys.. Thank you so much for reading and any comments would be greatly appreciated. Another thank you to my partner Jordan who I asked kindly to take my photos for me and he did a brill job. :-) & Happy 8 year Anniversary too my lovely!! 

Thanks again guys.
N xx

Bomber jacket with badges, £30.00, Asos (here)
Denim A Line Pinafore, £30.00, Asos (here)
New Balance trainers, £65.00, Asos (here)
Black cold shoulder body in black, £9.99, Select (here)
Black paisley print bandana, £3.99, New Look (here)



  1. I've told you before how much I love your Asos bomber but I'll say it again, it's gorgeous and suits you so well. I am a total addict when it comes to Asos, I always want way too much stuff and they're definitely my favourite retailer. Your outfit is lovely and looks great with both jackets! And Happy Anniversary to you both! Katie xx


  2. Thank you so much Katie. I do love your kind words!!! :-) ASOS is my favourite too for sure!
    Natasha xx

  3. Little tip :) i bough my bandanas for a pound in arnadale market

  4. Little tip :) i bough my bandanas for a pound in arnadale market

    1. No way thank you so much I will keep my eye out.
      Natasha xx


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