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Saturday, 9 April 2016

London calling

Big Ben 

Hey there. As you guys most probably know, I have just been to the busy London for a couple of days and I absolutely loved it! I wanted to share with you a few of the things I got up to there and also some food which I recommend. I also went to Camden Market and got a few bits which I would like to share as I am in love with them. 
First of all, we spent the first day sight seeing, and wow I loved the sights. (However, my feet didn't haha - I have a funny story to tell you which I will discuss later..). I have been to London before however it was when I was much younger so I don't remember it as much as I would have liked too. 

London Eye and River Thames
Trafalgar Square - one of my favourite places 

A shot of the main attractions

Well Camden, what a place! So retro and full of shops, I was in my element! We went to Camden Market also, and I will post a few of the things which I bought whilst there. Camden market, if you haven't already been is full of shops, markets and also food stalls, which all looked and smelt yummy. The food stalls were very multicultural which I loved, plenty of choice. The markets sold things from jewellery, clothing, and anything vintage like. 

I bought these rings from Camden market. They were both from seperate jewellery stalls. The one on the left was £12.00 and this is moonstone and sterling silver with the stamp on the inside. The one on the right was £4.00 and is silver plated. Both gorgeous rings.

You can also shop online here.

This bandana/neckerchief is from a vintage shop called Rokit. This was only £2.50 and I love it!!

You can shop Rokit online here.
Here is pictures of it in my hair and around my neck. 

Loving messy braids at the minute also!


Food food food... Absolutely love it and especially in London. Here is a few places which we had whilst we were there. 

Ed's Diner - Kit-kat sundae with Hershey chocolate sauce - YUMMY!

Convent Garden - The Diner - cheesy chips though!
Garfundels - Spaghetti carbonara 
Ed's Diner, Euston train station (although there are a couple of these about London)

Speedy's Cafe round the corner from where we stayed near Euston station

 There were just a few of our meals, we also went for an Indian while we were there called 'Punjab', this was gorgeous, thoroughly enjoyed every meal I had. Food was lovely and I was surprised how many diners London had, as burger and fries is my typical favourite meal, and as we are going to New York in the Summer, this gave me a taster of what to expect!! (exciteddddd :-)). 


There's plenty to do in London, sight see, the British museum (which was amazing by the way - very historical.) However, no doubt my favourite experience of all was the London Dungeon's, if you haven't already been and you are thinking of going, definitely go! It was an experience I will never forget, live actors were walking you through the years of history which could be scary at times however quite funny. This experience enhances your senses, and there is also a couple of rides thrown into the experience too! Brill!


 This was the programme which we bought, which includes some facts of what they are talking about during the tour. 

London eye


It was lovely to see the views of London, a really pleasant relaxing part of the day this was. 

M&M world! A colourful really fun shop to go in. Couldn't leave without getting some m&m's plus the smell in the shop was just sensational!

We did do a lot of walking, however I really wanted to experience the tube (and give my feet a rest haha). We purchased a daily ticket and I got my partner to take a picture of me next to each sign (oh, how I like to embarrass him haha). These were just a few of the underground stations we went too. Such a great experience, very busy but convenient and fast to get you from A to B. Also a tad expensive to what I'm used to here. 

Being a proper tourist!

So, as I said earlier I would share with you my funny story... I took two pairs of trainers (which I knew definitely my converse would be comfy) but unfortunately they were not, they gave me blisters. So I spent a lot of time moaning about them so thought I need to go and buy some new shoes which were comfier! So we got the train to Oxford (wow - what a massive place and boy I loved the shops there - the H&M has like 3 floors, it was amazing). We spent almost an hour looking for new shoes while I was walking down the road (which was very long as we went the totally wrong way to find Primark! haha)

I ended up buying some gym shoes from Primark which are probably the comfiest trainers I have ever owned. (and for £14, you can't really complain). So I had to put these on as soon as I bought them and ask the member of staff to cut the tags off for me! Then I felt like I was walking on air and could get on with my day like a new women. 

These are soooo comfy. 

That's it for today guys, hope you enjoyed my post and if there if anything you want to ask me then feel free to comment below. 

N xx 

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  1. It sounds like you had such an amazing time and I'm so glad you enjoyed yourselves! I love the very cool idea you had of taking photos at each tube station sign. And the things you bought are all gorgeous, especially the rings they're so pretty! Katie xx


    1. Thank you so much for your lovely thoughts and comment Katie!! It was brilliant, we had a laugh taking them pictures! And I love the rings too wish I could have bought them all haha! Xx
      Natasha X


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