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Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Rimmel Super Gel review

Heyyy. Hope you are all having a lovely Tuesday!

Just a quick one guys... I told a few people I would do a review of the Rimmel Super Gel nail polish. (Which I totally love and my collection is growing.) This is a nail polish which can last up to 14 days and works like a gel polish with no UV lamp and is sealed with a top coat. 

I took a picture of my nails everyday for five days. I have been in London so tried to be creative taking pictures in the city of London. (I got some funny looks like haha). 

Day 1 - beautiful shine and no sign of chips

Day 2 - still looking really shiny, a slight chip on my index finger

Day 3 - no change from above pic 

Day 4 - thumb is starting to chip 

Day 5 - more chipping to thumb

I still have this on now and I am so impressed with the outcome. Slight chipping to a couple of nails after six days is amazing. It does only state it can last up to 14 days, so this is not guaranteed. However I am still really impressed with this product and will continue using this. :-) They can be bought in most stores such as Superdrug. Click here for the them. 

I will show you the other shades in which I have:

Thank you for reading guys.
What do you think of these polishes? Comment below. 

N xx

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  1. These nail polishes sound so good. My polish is constantly chipping and literally peeling off regardless of what brand I use or top/base coat so I'm always wanting to try new ones that might last better. These sound great and I love all of the colours you have. I'm planning on having a look at them the next time I'm in Boots or Superdrug. Great review, Katie xx


  2. Thank you for your comment Hun .
    You should definitely try these and let me know what you think when you do.
    Natasha xx

  3. I can't believe they still look so good after 5 days. Every time I paint my nails it ends up completely off by the second day.


    1. Same here with any other polish! You should definitely try this out if you haven't already it's brilliant. I forgot to mention the application is great and the coverage! Let me know if you ever try it out.
      Natasha xx


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