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Saturday, 4 June 2016

Festival ready

Hello guys.

As Summer is in full swing right now, I thought it would be an appropriate time to do a different type of blog post, on Summer hairstyles which I feel are appropriate for Summer days and festivals in particular. 

This is really exciting for me as the content of this post is totally different to what I'm used to writing. Let me know what you think, your opinions are completely appreciated.

My first style is obviously (if you didn't already guess) the dutch braid. I love this hairstyle. I think it looks particularly good with a messy kind of effect. However, everybody has their preferences, how do you style yours?

Add a bandana for a more edgy look!

Secondly, my next hair style is the sleek straight hair down look with a middle parting. I feel this can look really effective as it is so simple, however gives that sleek effortless look and can show off your length and colour too.

I love sunflowers and I had to get this headband when I saw it, this gives the hair a whole bohemian look as well as a summery one.

Thirdly, I love the messy bun! This is a messy, edgy kind of hairstyle which can be dressed up or down depending on the desired look. (Like, who doesn't like the messy bun no make up days?) 

Finally, the most fun hairstyle saved until last (I hope)! Space buns! No idea where this name came from like but anyways, this is possibly the most cutest, fun hairstyle like ever. This is perfect for festival season and I reckon this is the most popular hairstyle this season. (I added a little glitter at the roots to make it even more FUN!)

Well, that is all for today (gotta go wash my hair I'm full of glitter!), I really hope you enjoyed my hairstyles and please let me know if you like any of these in particular, which one is your favourite? I am thinking of starting a Vlog so let me know if you would like me to do a tutorial of any of these hairstyles, I definitely will try my best and maybe my starting point can be from here.

Thank you for reading lovelies.
Enjoy your week. :-)
Tash xx 



  1. Omg I love this post! I love seeing summer hairstyles and these are all perfect and definitley some super cute options for the festival season. I'm obsessed with braids, but the space buns are definitely my favourite look! I mean seriously it is the cutest hairstyle ever and love when I see photos of people wearing that style. The glitter is perfect although I feel very bad for you having to wash it all out! I'd love to see a vlog of how you did the space buns look! Such a great post, Katie xx


  2. Yay! Thanks so much. I am really happy you like it! I think the space buns are my fave too, they are so fun! I may get practicising and do a Vlog of it, so excited. Thanks for your continuous support, really appreciate it my lovely.
    Natasha xx

  3. I adore the space buns, i'm still not brave enough to wear this style out of the house though! ha! Lovely post hun xx

    1. Aww thanks for your lovely comment Hun! Haha don't worry I'm the same I only wear them in the house myself! I'll get brave tho as I've had some lovely comments over on insta!

  4. These are such cute looks, I love how fun hairstyles can be in the summer! The glitter is such a cool idea with the space buns! X


    1. Thank you for your comment Emma ! I'm so glad you like the space buns with the added glitter! Was a nightmare washing it all out hahaa!

  5. I love the messy up do and the glitter looks! I wish I experimented with my hair a bit more than I do, so I may have to take some of these as inspiration if the weather ever warms up again.

    Sophie x | Essential Twenty

    1. Awww so glad you like them. Thanks for your lovely comment xxxxx


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