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Sunday, 30 October 2016

Review of Sudio Sweden earphones

Hey there lovelies, and happy Sunday,

I hope you have all had a wonderful week.

Today I bring you my latest collaboration with Sudio Sweden. They sell the most elegant of earphones, varying in size, colour and price. 

The fact these minimalistic Sudio Bluetooth Earphones are wireless rings very technical to me. As I am not very good at setting up gadgets of such, it took me a few minutes to figure out how to pair these up through bluetooth. However, the earphones come with a manual book and a step by step card to support you in the process, which was so helpful.

Once I was set up and ready to listen to some music, I was amazed at the quality of the sound (and they are described to have studio quality sound), and the buttons on the earphones allowed me to turn the volume up and down, and has other controls to.  

The earphones came with a guarantee certificate, different size sleeves, a clasp, a charging cable and a leather case to carry them in! The delivery was super fast and the customer service was absolutely fantastic!

Overall, I am amazed at these earphones, they are ever so elegant with the rose gold touch and the white design. Listening to music is so much more easy now, no more de-tangling and if I ever choose to exercise, I know I'm ready to go with these Sudio earphones. Thank-you Sudio Sweden.

Take a look at www.sudiosweden.com for the full range of earphones, and use code LLF15 for 15% off. :-)

Thank you for reading,
VASA BLĂ… - Rose gold white, £69, Sudio sweden

Disclaimer; This is a collaboration with Sudio, words and images my own.



  1. These headphones are so pretty! Definitely some of the most stylish ones I've seen. I love anything rose gold so the design kf these is right up my street. They sound amazing too. I'd probably struggle setting them up as well but it's so great that they're wireless. I'm so glad you're pleased with them! Have a great week hun, Katie xx


  2. Loving the rose gold IPhone - and those earphones look really cool.


  3. The headphones caught my eye and everything else is great as well.

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