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Monday, 24 June 2019

A day to night look with Joy the store (gifted collaboration)

Hello guys and welcome back.

Hope you’re all well. I’m just writing this quite late, just got back from the cinema and watched Toy Story 4. It was honestly so fun. Earlier, I took some outfit photos in collaboration with Joy.

I’ve never worked with them before, but I’m so happy to have now. They kindly sent me three pieces of my choice, I chose a denim skirt, a t shirt and a blouse. I thought with these items I would create two different looks, one a more casual look and the other a more dressy one.

I would just love to mention, the quality and overall feel of these pieces was outstanding and I am so excited to be adding these to my wardrobe this Summer. The space top is totally gorgeous and the blouse has got different pooches printed all over it. Not forgetting the denim skirt, this is going to be my go to this summer, it’s so easy to style and such a versatile piece.

Hope you like and you can find the items here:

Thanks for reading and thank you to Joy for working with me.


Disclaimer; the items were kindly gifted and in exchange I reviewed them.


Monday, 17 June 2019

I’m back!!!

Hello guys and welcome back to my blog. 

It’s been a while. Well over half a year since I last wrote.

Where have I been? 
Still here haha! I’ve just been unmotivated when it comes to writing and I’ve stuck more with building my Instagram and trying to create more of a following on there. I don’t know how I managed to juggle full time work, YouTube, my blog and social media’s beforehand. But I want to be able to do it again. I love blogging, influencing and styling, so I may as well make time to do the things that I love, right.

Anyway, I hope you’re all well and have had a great summer so far. ( here in Manchester it had rained  a lot, still waiting for summer) but I’ll be ready I’m sure. 

So I’ve been working hard at my full time job, I’ve got a new role which has taken on some extra work which is all exciting, I’ve been spending time with my loved ones, watching Netflix and shooting for my Instagram. :) 

I’ll try write more on here as it’s a good way to get feelings and thoughts off your chest and to share some useful information. Lol! 

Take care and see you soon. (I won’t leave it as long as last time. 


Skirt is Asos, top is old New Look and boots are also New Look.