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Monday, 28 March 2016

Black paisley print bandana

I have seen these bandana/headscarfs/neckchiefs being worn more and more at the moment, so much that I had to get myself one. 

They are so versatile in a variety of different patterns and colours and can be worn in so many different ways which is the reason I couldn't leave the shop without one and at a bargain price of £3.99 from New Look you can't go wrong. (This particular bandana can be purchased here.)

Personally, I love wearing them around my neck. I think this adds a personal touch to a plain outfit, being effortless to put on but looking really effective. With the black and white paisley pattern this really stands out worn with a black cold shoulder body which can be purchased here. (I may do a blog on the body on it's own in the near future). 

Another way which I choose to wear the bandana is around the head. I love wearing this in my hair especially now I have just had my fringe trimmed (which I am so happy with by the way). This makes me feel all 60's and I love it. I just pop a few clips in the back to keep it in place and tie a knot in the top and I'm ready to go, I had lots of compliments wearing it and I am really happy with it that I feel I would definitely buy some more in different colours. 
(excuse the over exposed photograph - I need to practice my photography skills). 

I also would like to wear it tied to a bag too, maybe the strap or something as this would give the bag a more edgy look.

Thank you so much guys for reading. Feel free to let me know what you think as I am new to this, would love your comments and any advice.

N xx 



  1. Your blog is looking great and I'm so glad you started it! I always love bandanas like this but they never end up suiting me. This one is great though and looks gorgeous on you! I really love it both as a neckerchief and as a head scarf. Well done on your first post! Katie xx


  2. Thank you so much Katie. I love them, I am so tempted to get other colours in them!
    I'm sure they would look good in your hair as you have lots of it.. I love it! Thanks for all your support & advice. & for my first comment, appreciate it so much.
    Natasha xx


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