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Sunday, 22 May 2016

Coconut Queen

Hey! I am thrilled to announce I am working with the gorgeous company Coconut Lane. (which makes me a Coconut Queen) -aahhh so excited.

I love love love their products. They sell a variety of girly related products such as jewellery, room accessories (such as wall art and cushions) to phone cases! Go take a look, they are all at such an affordable price and the products are unique and you will not find them just in your ordinary store! Here are a few things I have just ordered..

Arrow ring (here) £9.00 
This arrow ring is fully adjustable and it comes in three colours (gold, silver or rose gold plated.) This looks so cool on. Also, there is a bracelet to match! Click here for the bracelet.

Pineapple ring (here) £9.00, this pineapple ring is just oh so summery! It comes in two colours (gold or silver plated) and is adjustable. It looks so delicate on, I love it.

Triangle bangle (here), £8.00 
This bangle comes in two colours (silver or gold plated) It's a delicate dainty piece of jewellery, I LOVE IT!

Wall art (here) £6.00, This wall art is lovely and will look perfect in my room once I get a frame for it. The text is printed on A4 good quality card and you have a choice of two fonts and lots of quotes to choose from!

Obviously all of these products are priced as they are on the website (their original price).But.. I have some good news!! If you see something you LOVE and you would like to purchase it, you can use my code LLF20  .. just simply type that in at the checkout and there you have it... 20% off!

Let me know what you think of my products and if you have anything from Coconut Lane yourself. 
I'll definitely be ordering again come payday.

Click here to have a look at the website!

Thanks for reading.
Tash xx



  1. Huge congratulations! I'm a coconut queen too (love that name) and I love everything Coconut Lane sell. I have the same arrow ring as you in rose gold and I have the matching bracelet and they're 2 of my favourite, most worn pieces of jewellery. I need to order some more stuff and I've had my eye on that pineapple ring as it is just the cutest!! I love everything you ordered and I hope you enjoy them! Katie xx


    1. Thanks Katie congratulations to you too!! I also love everything they sell, I want to buy more jewellery for sure and a cushion, like how cool are they?! And thanks so much! You'll have to let me know if you get the ring!
      Natasha xx

  2. I adore those rings! I don't often wear jewelry but these are so my style! x


    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment. I'm glad you like the rings I love them so much I want more haha. You should treat yourself. X

  3. I love all things pineapple and coconut, I am currently sneaking this comment in at work, but girl once I am off I need some of that pineapple ring in my life! So cool that you got to work with the company! Very nice jewelry!


    1. Awww so glad you like the post and the jewellery, thanks for your lovely comment! Let me know if you order anything would love to know!
      The jewellery is so gorgeous I love it.
      Thanks again.


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