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Friday, 3 June 2016

June Haul

Hello there guys. Hope you have all had a lovely week and enjoy your weekend! I have had a lovely week and have got some new goodies to show you. This post is about all of the beaut items I have treated myself to this month, therefore have named it 'June Haul' as it is not on something specific.

So, I went shopping yesterday, with my lovely friend Katie, who has been my absolute rock during my blogging experience who is also now a very dear friend. Check out her blog here, (she is so lovely!) She is most definitely my inspiration when it comes down to fashion. 

Anyhow.. Starting off with this leopard print cami slip dress. This was from Primark and it was on sale from £8 to £6 and I just had to scoop this up. This was such a good price and I thought it would look cute paired with a black tee and some converse for the more casual laid back look. Can I just add they had lots of these in a variety of colours so if the bold print is not for you, they certainly have something for everyone and at such a bargain price you cannot really turn it down.

I think it would look gorgeous paired with tights too, for the colder weather. (Big apologies for the photos - the quality is not that good) -  it was super bright and my lenses on my glasses are most definitely not anti-reflect!

Whilst we were in Primark, I picked up this beautiful A-Line denim skirt. The colour of the embroidery caught my eye and was the reason I bought this. This will look so cute styled with anything. I reckon this will be my most versatile type of clothing in my summer wardrobe so far. What would you wear your denim skirt with?

Just look at the detail! :-)

Tie dye dress is from Missguided, I love this! It is super comfy and casual. This is perfect for festival season.

And last not at least... my new babies! I have wanted a pair of black high top converse for a while now, they are sooo comfortable and casual and I love the laid back look they give. They can be worn with almost everything too, I can just see me not taking these off anytime soon.

Anyway, I would love to hear what you think, so please do feel free to comment below, how would you style a cami dress? or a denim skirt? What do you wear your converse with?

I really appreciate you taking your time to read this and all comments are greatly appreciated!

Tash xx

Black high top converse, £48, Schuh
Cami slip dress, Primark, £6
Denim skirt, Primark, £12
Black t shirt, Primark (old)
Studded choker, £6, Asos
Tie dye dress, £15, Missguided


  1. Firstly, I had such an amazing time meeting you and shopping yesterday so thank you so much!! I'm so grateful for all of your support too, you are the loveliest! Now, onto this post, which I loved!! I love all of your new things and they all look so gorgeous on you! I really love how you've styled the Primark dress and denim skirt. They're such great pieces and definitely versatile and I think they're perfect with your new converse! Great post as always, Katie xx


  2. I had the BEST time meeting you too! It was super fun and I CANNOT wait for our next get together. Exciting plans!! Thanks so much I am so glad you like my post and my outfits, thanks for the help when purchasing them, you were so fun to shop with. I haven't took my converse off since hahah.
    Natasha xx


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