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Friday, 19 August 2016

The prettiest top I own

Hello you lovely people and happy Friday. Thank you for coming back to my blog. So.. the other day I went to the good old Primark. I feel at the moment Primark have some lovely stuff in and at such good prices of course!

I picked up this gorgeous top, it has the most delicate dainty pattern on which is what I fell in love with, along with the ruffle detail and the victorian style neck. I had lots of compliments while wearing this. It reminds me of one of the blouses from the Alexa Chung's collection, and this being only £10, it was a bargain.

I decided to style this in a more 'Tasha' way, which if you know me, is casual and had to include my high waisted jeans from New Look and my high top black converse.

Thought I would be a little different to my usual pictures and use a prop, if you call a bench a prop! LOL!

Oh and if you decide to buy the top, I had to get it in one size bigger than what I usually am - so try it on if you have time!

What do you think of this top?

Top, Primark, £10.00
Jeans, New Look, (sorry they are a few weeks old now)
Converse, Schuh, £48.00

Thanks for reading and have a lovely weekend!
Tash xx


  1. Lol, so true! True Tash look is your denim and the converse, love it! Top is pretty darn cute too! Love reading your posts girly :)
    xoxo, simona and indre


    1. Aww thanks so much your lovely comments always make me smile! So glad you love reading them! XXXX

  2. Aww I absolutely love this top hun! It's so lovely and pretty but styled in such a perfectly you way to make it more laidback and modern. I love it! I really need to have a trip into Primark to see the new stuff they have. I love your pics too, such a gorgeous location to try something a little different! Katie xx


    1. Thanks so much Hun I'm really glad you like how I styled it! And trip to primark soon! How exciting, can't wait to see you xxxxx

  3. Love the top and how you have styled it. I had a similar top, which I got from a vintage shop. I'm also liking the bench image.


    1. Thanks so much lovely so glad you like how I've styled it xxxx

  4. Love this outfit I would casual up this blouse too, as I only wear casual lol xoxo

    1. Yay thanks! You're just like me haha thanks Hun xxxx


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