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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

What I have learnt through blogging

Hello there guys.

A little something different on today's post, really I just wanted to share with you guys the things I have learnt through blogging. I started blogging just five months ago now, being the end of March when I submitted my first post. When I first started blogging, I did not think I would keep up with it. I thought it would be too time consuming and nobody would read my content. It is easy to think like this when starting out however, now I couldn't be happier with the following;


Boy has blogging given me more of this! I feel by looking back on my blog posts, I started off quite 'shy' and didn't really have the confidence to pull off what I wanted too and kept it quite basic and low key, however now I just wear what I want and feel confident in it and the excitement I feel to show you guys is incredible and the reason for my confidence boost is because of you lovely lot which I will go onto next...

Bloggers, Friends & Followers

I have made some gorgeous friends through blogging, who have supported me all so much and you know who you are! I feel the support is incredible in this blogging community and I feel so blessed to have met such lovely people throughout this fab experience! There are so many inspirational bloggers out there that have given me the confidence to wear what I want without worrying about what people think and if you are reading this, then thank you!


I feel during my blogging experience so far, I love fashion even more than I did before and therefore I understand that fashion lies a massive part in creating a person's look and can express their personality through the way they dress and I love that. I also feel during my experience I want to share my fashion advice more and also take others on board (the good and the bad). I have experience in the photography sector and blogging has given me the opportunity to take my skills to another level and I thoroughly enjoy writing in a blog style way.

Thank you guys for reading, my last bit of advice is if you are looking into starting blogging and are reading this, then DO! Sounds silly but it means so much to me and it was seriously one of the best things I did and is definitely my favourite hobby, apart from shopping and spending time with loved ones of course.

Let me know what your fave experiences are, I would love to hear.

Tash xx 


  1. I really loved this post and actually one of the things that I've learned while blogging is confidence and speaking out..

  2. Drive: I totally agree, blogging isn't easy, you have to get the followers, the comments, the likes, you need a lot of drive to keep up with it. Really liked this personal blog of yours :)


  3. Love this! I've just started out myself so reading this is reassuring!


  4. Aww this made me so happy! I love these kinds of personal posts of peoples experience of blogging, and I couldn't agree more with everything you said. Blogging can be alot of work and very time consuming, but like you it has brought me so much happiness and I love it. The confidence it has given me is incredible and I really didn't expect that at all. I love that it's done the same for you my gorgeous girly and that it's elevated your love for fashion even further. It is a very scary thing to actually start a blog but it is worth it and I completely agree that anyone who is considering starting one to just do it. The love and support in the blogging community is amazing! Thank you for sharing lovely, Katie xx


  5. One small step towards the right direction always feels great love! I'm glad you are loving blogging!




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