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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Confidence with Missguided

Hello you guys..

Today, I wanted to throw a little lifestyle post to you, which I feel matches my outfit and the whole vibe of my photographs, this being confidence.

Since starting blogging over six months ago now, my confidence has shot right up. I feel the support off family and friends is a massive help for this and I'm forever grateful. However, what I am trying to say is, blogging has been a major part of this, and I feel much more relaxed in front of a camera now as I am learning constantly, of what works and what doesn't!

For this look, I felt I had to have more 'moody' vibes and this was a big deal for me. I am such a smiley person, so found this a real challenge, but a challenge I was pleased I took on. I feel setting challenges boosts your confidence in the long run, and time/experience helps with this to. 

Everyone has their flaws and I have learnt to embrace mine, by the lovely support I get from you guys, I look at the good. - And by this, I mean you should try to love yourself for who you are! We are all unique and that is what makes us individual and is of course, our identity.

Finishing with the outfit, I have wanted a band T for so long now and came across this Guns and Roses one on Missguided. I fell in love with this instantly, I got the size M/L for a more oversized look as I love the casual vibes it gives, and paired this with my exaggerated fray jeans from Missguided also, I am so pleased with the missguided denim range, these are such great quality and very comfortable. I paired these with my trusty ol' converse and my chain bag for that 'grunge' look.

Thanks for reading guys,

 Tash xx

A massive thank you to Rosa from ohduckydarling for the gorgeous photos! Check out her beautiful blog here!

Guns and Roses slogan T, £15.00, Missguided
Frayed jeans, £30.00, Missguided
High top converse, £48.00, Schuh
Chain bag, Strawberry moon (doesn't seem to be on the website) - but similar at ASOS here.



  1. Loving the images you picked out, you look great. I'm really glad you have found confidence through blogging.


    1. Aww thanks again for taking them lovely you did an awesome job . Thank you xxxx

  2. Really like the pictures, you look great in all of them! I'm a big fan of the jeans, the distressed hem really makes them stand out and adds to that whole grungy vibe. Great post xx

    Small, Brown & Stylish | Thrifty Fashion & DIY Blog

    1. Wow thank you so much for your lovely comment Hun, means so much!
      So glad you like the jeans - they're my fave ever jeans right now!

  3. Love this post! I definitely agree with you, blogging and the support from people in the company has given me so much more confidence, glad you've found it the same! I love this outfit, the jeans and bag in particular are amazing! X


    1. Aww thanks for your lovely comment Emma, glad you feel the same :-) xxxxx

  4. Loving this look. The photos are lovely! Gemma x

    1. Thank you so much lovely lady! So glad you like the look xxxx


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