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Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Decorating class | HeyLittleCupcake x TheHut.com

Hello guys!

Happy Tuesday - Hope you are all well & caution; if you are hungry (look away now) LOL!

Well, last week, I was invited to a Decorating Cupcake class which took place at Manchester's Spinningfields Hey Little Cupcake store! In co-operation with thehut.com (an online store which sells almost everything!)

The moment I walked into the store, I knew my sense of smell was in full works, the smell of cakes were absolutely divine and encouraged my cravings! - The store was all pink, pretty and oh so girly. I already knew this was going to be a great night.

We were taught by one of the talented bakers', Sean. (Thanks Sean - I felt like I learnt a lot and will definitely take the skills you taught me into my own baking mindset!)

The decorating class included the bakers sitting down at the tables with fun aprons, with a step-by-step lesson of how to decorate the cakes. We first made the roses with sugar paste and then piped the buttercream on the cake, with a few tips and tricks to remember along the way. Finishing off with a competition at who did the best decorating. I would defintely recommend the classes there, they are brilliant!

At the end of the night I was given a beautiful gift, it was a mug which said #selfie on it! I absolutely loved this - thank you so much Lily & The Hut team, I am forever grateful.

What do you like to bake?

Thanks for reading,
Tash xx

Check them out here;



  1. This looks like such a great event, I have so much love for cupcakes!


    1. Thanks Rosa it was an amazing event! :) xxxxx

  2. It sounds like such a fun class! Cupcakes are basically my favourite food ever and hey little cupcake make the best in Manchester, they are amazing. I have the biggest craving for them now though lol. I definitely need to go and do one of their decorating classes, it sounds awesome. Katie xx



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