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Friday, 27 January 2017

Personal style

Hey guys and happy Friday!

I come back with another lifestyle personal kinda post. I'm quite enjoying these posts rather than just an outfit post. Think I'm finding my niche when it comes to my writing, plus writing on the bus seems to be working well too.

Personally, I haven't always had a personal style as such. I never had confidence to wear certain things as I used to worry a lot about what people would think about the clothes I worn. However, since blogging almost a year ago now and working in the fashion industry, my confidence has grown and I find myself putting together outfits in my head which may not be to everybodies taste.

I think an outfit can really match a persons' personality and this can reflect on your mood. I mean if your outfit is on point you feel great that day, right? And we all know how amazing we feel when we are happy with our look. What I'm trying to say is, wear what ever you fancy and if you feel good in it, who cares what others think?! After all, you are the one who's wearing it :-)

Having such a creative mind for fashion costs a lot of money. And I used to buy things and wear them once and then not wear them again! Anyone else do this? Well now I've discovered you can style that one t shirt or one pair of pants in many ways, by styling them up with different accessories, or styling them down by whacking a pair of converse on with them. (Which is basically my personal style in a nutshell!!)

Shirt and Jeans both from newlook.com 
I am loving the whole gingham trend this season!

Have you found your personal style? I'd love to hear ..

Tash xx

Monday, 23 January 2017

Follow your dreams

Hey you guys! 

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are ready to get this week over with! I know a lot of people wish their time in work away, like for their day off. However, if you are doing something you enjoy and feel passionate about, I don't think you'll feel this way. I feel being involved in a career you are passionate about will help you reach your life goals.

Personally, I have goals and dreams and I don't know if I will ever reach them, but why not try? A lovely friend gave me inspiration which helped me to think positively about it. (You know who you are:)) and I feel if you work hard enough for something you want badly, then it'll pay off and you get back what you give. Lately, I made a massive change in my life, I changed jobs and they were within a completely different role, making this a massive risk for me. But this has paid off dramatically and I'm absolutely loving the change, and my change encourages me to carry on in trying to reach my goal, by getting more into fashion which is supporting my blog, which is my goal for 2017. I'm hoping by this time next year I'll be more experienced in my blog, by working with more companies and my writing/photography skills grow.

 What I'm trying to say is if you are wanting a change to follow your dreams, do it! All you can do is try and if things don't work out, try again. To get to where you want to be in your career it is like trial and error. I find myself now in my mid twenties and still unsure what I want to do as a career. However, I have found my passion for fashion (so cheesy) but I know I'm on the right path. Making changes can be scary, change of routine, change of people etc, but change is exciting and will work out well in the long run. People who know me will know I'm not a fan of change, although this change I made over my career choice was one that made me more confident, and I found my niche as my auntie says. I've had many career changes and opportunities over my working life but I see this as a positive as I feel my skills differ, making me able to do anything I put my mind to!

Let me know if you have ever had a massive career change? - I would love to hear.

Let's just give this outfit a mention before you go, from New Look. These jeans are the comfiest and the jumper is the cosiest - perfect outfit for a winters day if you ask me.

New Look jumper, £19.99
New Look jeans, £27.99
Beret, Topshop, £7 (sale)
Sequin Converse, £59.99

Tash :) xx
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