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Friday, 3 February 2017

10 fashion photography tips

Hey lovelies,
I hope you are all well and thank you for coming back to my blog. As a photographer and blogger I bring you some tips which I have learnt over nearly my first year of blogging, for anybody that would like to start blogging or anyone already blogging, here are my personal tips;

1. A  beautiful friend taught me this one, check out her gorgeous blog here, she said to me 'be fierce', no matter the weather or how you're feeling, don't let it show in the image. :-)
2.  Get a variety of images such as portrait and landscape as it's good to have a mixture because when you post them on social media, it gives that little extra bit of detail when posting more environment on the landscape shots.
3. Layer up underneath your outfits if possible, so you are able to do a couple of outfits in one shoot to save time!
4. Take accessories with you to try out, whether this be hair accessories or jewellery if you need to change hairstyle suddenly. (I do this when I've got out with curly hair and as soon as it hits the wind it's like, straight lol!)
5. Shoot both automatic and manual, so you have a mixture of images, and you can take a closer look at what works best when editing.

6. Shoot on RAW if your camera allows you to, this way when opening the image on photoshop, it automatically fixes any lighting or contrast issues for you. This makes your life easier and editing faster! (The images are bigger files this way though)
7. Don't take too many photos,  I used to do this and found it really difficult to pick out my favourites as they were all very similar. Plus the more you take, the less enthusiastic your poses will be. Short and sweet I say!
8. Think about the outfit you are shooting and if it works well with the environment in mind. Such as for a more rock chick look I would shoot in the street, for a more girly look maybe in the park etc.
9.  Try different poses and maybe make a few notes incase you forget. Whether this be, smiling, walking, sat down and then the close up shots of details such as your shoes and bag.
10. Most importantly be confident and be YOU! You is what your readers will want to see. Do what makes you feel comfortable and you will work it, I'm sure :-)

 Good luck if you are just starting out! x

Hope you enjoyed this post, and let me know your tips?

Thanks, Love,
Tash xx

Red matte raincoat, New Look, £34.99
Striped top, New Look, £12,99
Jeans, old



  1. Love this post girl! I'm always guilty of getting too many photos and not being able to choose which to use, it's a nightmare haha. Loving the jacket, you look gorgeous x


  2. Aw babe I love these tips!! I'm going to try the short and sweet one and thank you for featuring my little old blog! Loves ya!

    Whitney V

  3. What a great post full of such helpful tips and ideas! Im definitely guilty of taking way too many photos and then taking forever trying to narrow it down. It's always great as a beginner or an existing blogger to get tips from others. Thanks for sharing! Katie xx


  4. Thanks for sharing your tips girl, you always post awesome photos! x

    Yasmin x
    The Sweet Seven Five


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