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Tuesday, 7 March 2017

My teeth whitening experience

Hey guys! How are you all? Well I hope you're well.
This week I bring you guys something a little different to my usual fashion post. I thought I would share my latest and first teeth whitening experience with you all.

To start off I will explain the reason I thought about getting them whitened in the first place. Basically, I went through my childhood looking after my teeth with only ever having one filling, I took this for granted. When I went into my teens I started enjoying fizzy drinks to the point where it wore away my enamel. (The bottom of my top teeth are transparent). I tried enamel toothpaste and things to try and help. Although my enamel is weak, they do not feel sensitive and are pretty strong teeth!

A few years into me drinking lots of Coca Cola, I noticed the colour of my teeth was worsening, becoming yellow. I tried whitening toothpastes and kits etc, however didn't feel they had an effect on them. Probably because I was still drinking coke. My willpower to quit my fave drink in the world was very low, even though it was making me self conscious about my smile, and I like to smile a lot. So I looked up the reason for the yellow colouring and it is most likely staining but I found out that your enamel is naturally a white colour, and once this wears away, the underneath layer/component of tooth is called 'dentin' which is naturally a darker tone of white, making my teeth appear yellow.

After a few months of debating getting my teeth whitened, I thought why not give it a try, it could help me with my diet and hopefully stop me from having an asessive amount of fizzy drinks. My friend, Jade does teeth whitening and I got in touch straight away where she booked me in pretty quick.

I must admit, I was feeling really nervous about the whole situation but I am so glad I had it done. The results are amazing and I'm so grateful to have my confidence in my smile back. So I'll talk you through the procedure, gel is used and your teeth are put infront of a lamp for 40 mins, split up into two 20 minute sessions. Your gums are protected the whole time from the heat as well as your lips. It is not a painful experience, all you will feel is a little heat and your gums may feel sensitive for 24 hours afterward. Jade gives you an aftercare sheet with advice on what foods to avoid and what to eat.

If I could give you one tip guys it would be to look after your teeth and then they'll be naturally white without treatment. Accessive teeth whitening can be bad for your teeth. 

Click here for a link to Jade's page with more information about the semi permanent treatment she offers. :-)! Or type in 'semipermanentmakeupbyjade' on Facebook x 

Thank you again Jade. You are a star! :-)

Have you had your teeth whitened or would you like them

Tash xx

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