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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Why I love being a blogger :-)

Hello you lovely bunch! x

Welcome back to my blog :-) 

I'm sorry for the lack of posts lately, I have recently got a new job so have been prioritising getting settled into that, but I'm back today all content and happy.

I wanted to share with you readers my experience with the blogging community. I feel this community is an amazing one to be apart of, so self confidence boosting and full of positivity. I'm going to be giving a shoutout to some of my fave bloggers including people who have been there for me the most! (WARNING; LONG SOPPY CHEESY TYPE OF POST)

Everybody is so lovely - like some of my best friends are who I've met through blogging. I have been blogging for over a year now and met up with a handful of these gorgeous people.

Some I haven't met but they are always there to hit like on my latest Instagram post or twitter poll. I am honestly forever grateful to have these guys in my life and just wanted to give them a little shout on on my blog today; 

- the blog all things fashion and beauty!

So, this beautiful girly was my main inspiration to start my blog today. I never knew what blogging was until I found Katie on Instagram. We both have the same breed of dog and this is what linked us together. We met and clicked from the very start, we have always supported each other and I'm very happy to call this girl my best friend. Go check her blog out for the most gorgeous shoe collection - she is a massive lover of shoes and bags ;) x

- check her blog out for a mixture of everything and gorgeous photography!

I know the beautiful Gee personally, we knew each other when we were young, but then moved apart and hadn't spoke until the last year or so. Georgia is such a good friend and she supports me so much when it comes blogging and I never feel silly to ask for help even if it is the silliest things lol. Georgia is such a gorgeous girl inside and out and has the most lovely hair! x

- check out her blog for absolute style queen fashion type of posts!

Emma has been a good friend for a while now, she constantly supports my posts and I am forever grateful for this. Em always encourages me to try new stuff, her instastories are the ONE with her new fashion hauls, she inspires me to try something different with her edgy 90's fashion sense. I can't wait to see how her blog grows and hopefully a channel soon too! (Em you'd be great at this) ;) x

 - check out her blog for an elegant and stylish type of post!

Amy is one of my newbie blogger mates. Although we have only been speaking for a few months, it feels for years. Her blog is incredible and I'm so proud of her for creating a blog. Amy's fashion is simply stunning - I love how we can talk about fashion for ages and will instantly let each other know when we have ordered something! Haha! I'm looking forward to her whats to come with her blog x

- check out her blog for gorgeous outfit and beauty posts - with the most gorgeous eye make up!

I was lucky enough to meet Erin, when she invited me to an event as her plus one (which I am very thankful for to this day). Erin inspires me to come out of my comfort zone when it comes to fashion, as she nails every outfit she puts together. For example, Erin inspired me to wear fishnet tights when they first come out! Erin also helped me a lot when it came to starting my youtube channel! Thanks girl! x

- check Imogen's blog for some mermaid and vintage style looks!

I met the beautiful Imogen the other day actually, after speaking for over a year. Imogen helped me so much with my youtube channel and I am forever grateful. We support each other a lot on twitter, constantly giving shout outs to one another and retweeting! I love Imogen's fashion, she rocks vintage and puts together some amazing outfits! Not to mention her hair, she is like a real life mermaid. x

- check Lotties blog out for all things beauty and lifestyle!

Lottie has been one of my blogging friends for a while now, I love how dedicated she is to her blog and her Instagram, she is the queen of flatlays to and is always active on her instastories! I look forward to click on your picture once it has that glowing ring around it to see what you are reviewing next. She is always one of the first to like and comment my pictures and it really does mean the world to me, so thank you hun x

- check out her blog for some stunning California dreamy vibes!

Well, my friend from a far! The fact we live so far away doesn't effect our support for one another - because of the time difference we catch each other early in the morning or late at night. She is always there to leave gorgeous comments on my photos and also message me with the latest gossip! We love a good chat and I hope one day, we get to meet. She has the dreamiest of photos and wears the most gorgeous festival like outfits that just get more trendy as time goes on! x

 - check out her blog for gorgeous hair, hauls and health!

Charlotte and I have been supporting one another for a while now, she inspires me very much to be creative with my hair and make up! Like wearing a bold lip! I just have to take a minute to appreciate how gorgeous she is! Inside and out! It's always very inspiring seeing how much her blog is growing with working with brands such as Loreal! You're going to keep on growing and your Instagram feed is pure GOALS! Keep it up lovely lady x

more to be continued...


- check out her blog for amazing style and positive vibes! 

Zoe is seriously a stunning girl, inside and out and is most definitely one of the most positive people I know. I absolutely love her Instagram feed - it is all very soft lights and pastel shades which are really soft and attractive for the eye! She wears the most incredible dresses as well and inspires me to be my inner girly girl! She also has the cutest dogs! Keep it up babe, you're amazing x 

- check out her vlog for the best daily vlogs :)

Katey is a new friend of mine! And boy am I glad I met her. (Literally) we met all of a sudden one day and it was so good to meet her - she's so gorgeous. She does a lot of videos on Youtube and is incredible at keeping up with it, I love her dedication to Youtube, and is very inspiring to see. She even give me advice on my nose piercing lol!
I would love to trace your footsteps in that respect! You go girl x

- check out her lovely blog for a mixture of everything!

I love her blog! The photography is just amazing and one time Rosa took my photos and they were incredible! Rosa inspired me to try different poses and come out of my comfort zone which paid off in some of the photos! Rosa and I have been speaking for a while now and have met once which was fab! Rosa's fashion is simply lovely - I love how she wears vintage and looks incredibly amazing in whatever she wears from head to toe! Keep them coming girl x

- check out her website for her gorgeous photography!

Katherine is a lifestyle and blogger photographer and she is absolutely incredible! I would love her to take my pictures one day! She photographs a lot of bloggers around the UK and I am swept off my feet by the photos! I mean the lighting and detail in them are total photo goals! Katherine supports me so much to, and I am forever grateful. She one of the first people I follow on twitter to actually share my Youtube link, so thanks girl x

- check out her blog for style, travel and lifestyle!

Sam is one of my newest blogger pals! She is such a positive person and a lovely person to talk to as well! I'm particularly loving her instagram feed! It is always very vibrant mixed with travel shots and fashion shots - which is always a good mix lets be honest! 
I'm looking forward to getting to know you more hun, you're lovely. x

- check out her blog for lots of smiles!

Olivia, can I just first say she is one of the most smiley people I know. I love a contagious smile! I instantly see a picture of her and I smile straight away, such a positive person. Can I just mention I love her hair to! Check this out in her blog! She has been supporting me only for a little while but I know we are going to be friends and I am looking forward to getting to know you more! Thank you so much x

 - This blog is The Destination For Food Creatives. It is the place to get inspired by all reowned foodies. There are recipes, interviews and reviews. Soon it'll become a one-stop service where you can enjoy food experience.

I met Bank on holiday in Santorini a couple of years ago! Then we added one another on Facebook and browsed one another's blogs! Then a year later me and my partner went on a trip to London and walked passed Bank in the street! We were so shocked that we had met again, so on every holiday I ever go on I look for Bank! Still can't believe it until this day - such a small world, but I wanna thank him for his support of my blog and channel, it means a lot! and Good luck with yours! x

- check out her blog for all things fashion and lifestyle! 

Michaela has been one of my friends from the very beginning - although we don't speak much we are always there to support each other! Her ootd's are my absolute faves whether this is when she is out or about or in the fitting rooms! She chooses the most dreamiest of clothes and I wish I had her wardrobe! 
Thanks lovely for everything over the past year x

Megan Ellaby ;
- check her blog out for all things fashion!

I met Megan the other day at an event she held to raise money for the emergency Manchester fund and this was such an amazing cause and I'm so proud of her for doing this! Megan inspired me to wear what I want and not worry what others thought of me. I went through a few years being scared of what people thought of me and what I wore, but no more! Megan is one of my fave all time bloggers - she is just simply gorge! x

a little message to all ...


Ok guys, I know this has probably been one of my longest blog posts EVER but I just wanted to give these beautiful people a shout out! They deserve it! I really hope you will check out their blogs as they are all increible and total blog goals. I just wanna thank you all for your constant support. 

There are many people who I haven't included on here, other bloggers, instagrammer's, family and also friends who I wanna also thank! You know who you are - and I feel I should thank my partner for taking my photos! - without you I wouldn't be doing blogging as I certainly wont be using a tripod anytime soon.

So thank you all, and love always,
Tash xx

Some details of my outfit;

Dress, New Look, £22.99
Denim jacket, Missguided, £45.00

Disclaimer; this post is a non sponsored post - just a shout out to my loves!! All styling and words my own!


  1. AWWWWWW ..... Tasha you're a little dream! Thanks so much for your lovely words. It was amazing meeting you in person on Sunday and you truely have inspired me to come out of my comfort zone and meet more bloggers in the future. Your blog and YouTube have come such a long way and I know in the future you will grow and grow :-) I'm so glad I've met you, I know I've got a friend for life after just one meeting. Lots of love xxx


  2. Blogging community is incredible & I am so thankful for so many amazing people I have met either online or in person (or both) :) LOVED this post & all the love you shared, babe!! You're amazing & I hope you're enjoying your new job a lot :D
    Can't wait to meet you, sweetie!!!
    xox Nadia

  3. Such an amazing post lovely!! Thank you so much for your kind words, it really means a lot! I absolutely love your blog and YouTube channel, you're doing so well! I really hope we meet one day as you're such a lovely person, I know we would be good friends ��
    Thank you so much for all the support you have given me and for introducing me to many lovely bloggers!

  4. Awww hun what can I say other than THANK YOU!! Thank you for everything you've done for me and all the constant support you give me. You truly are the best friend a girl could ask for!! We might not get to see each other as much as we'd like but we know the other is always there for them! You've done so amazing with your blog and Youtube and I have loved seeing your confidence grow and style evolve! I know your future is going to be full of all the success and happiness you deserve! Love you girly! Ps I need that gorgeous pink dress! Xx


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