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Thursday, 24 May 2018

Privacy Policy

Here, I outline a privacy policy for data collected from the website www.love-laughter-fashion.blogspot.co.uk

What personal information do I collect from my blog?

Names, usernames and emails are used through when readers comment on my posts. I use these to personalise the experience and so I know who has left a comment. 

How do I protect the information?

Your personal information is secured by the website in which my blog is present on. Such as through a SSL - secure socket layer, which makes browsing on my site more secure to read. 


When visiting my blog, you will be asked to accept (if you wish) to the cookies on my site, which basically means without taking personal information, it will monitor people on my site, and next time you visit, the data of the cookies on my blog will remember your existence on there. The cookies help me understand the traffic on my blog. 

What about content from other websites?

Sometimes, I may include links to other websites, these may take into account data and use cookies whilst browsing on them. They are separate to my blog and I have no responsibility for this but will protect this site to the best of my ability. 

Do I share data?

I do not share any data of your name or email address during collaborations with brands or for my own writing. I include links in my website, for example if I was to post an image of a piece of clothing, I would link this in the caption for you to easily find. 

How long do I retain your data?

If you leave a comment on my website, the comment will always be there, unless you delete or edit it in some way, and if this is proving difficult, I can support you with this.

Further contact information

Contact natashaturton9@gmail.com if you have any further questions regarding the privacy policy. 
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